Competition Details


by Verena Tam
Co-authors: Oliver Meskawi

Cultures are precious treasures that each person cherishes dearly and keeps deep in the heart. Priceless treasures that help us draw the outlines of our identity and our uniqueness and from which we recharge our energy. The ultimate symbol of preciousness and fascination is the diamond. However small and tiny, it keeps its attractive powers through the scintillating colors and lights that run through it. By turning it around or changing your own perspective, a diamond breaks the light into the full spectrum of the rainbow, revealing a wide diversity of shades and tones, just like the cultures of this world: collections of patterns and colors, sights and sounds, smells and tastes.

In order to emphasize the diversity aspect, the logo takes on different colors drawn from the context in which it is placed. On each product the logo blends into the surroundings, rendering a part of the whole, yet without losing its shape or visibility, constantly drawing attention to itself.

The choice of typography needed to be complementary to the logo. Therefore we chose an elegant font, relatively thin, narrow and spacious that goes nicely with the long name of the festival which looks light and gently floating next to the diamond.