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unity in diversity

by patrice offman

My inspiration came from the words of Mr Koïchiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO "to nurture the experience of this diversity in a spirit of curiosity, engaging in dialogue and listening to one another" . I ask myself what if our planet was a human, how would she be like & would she express herself? She would speak many languages, having different point of views & be colourful. She would however be able to understand it all, she would have one understanding to the diversity of expression- one ear.
Our planet has been transformed into a head with 3 faces, like a mask which is one of the few multi-cultural elements that creatively depicts the expression of culture the world over. The mask is wear for performance.
So the expression of the logo is both passive & active, as a spectator & a performer.
In our world of ethnic diversity, we are both creator & consumer of this enriching treasure, culture.