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International Festival of Cultural Diversity logo - Insi Industor

by Insi Industor


- the whole logo (icon & text) has a rectangle shape which expresses development
- mainly brown colours because they express the feeling of culture (historic), earthly (inner feeling, outer expression), neutral and personal
- blue and green colours together with brown stands for joy, celebration, sustainability, earth/earthly, terrestrial globe/international
- fonttype choosen because it’s not too serious but also not too playful, instead accessable and neutral, but also legible (good readability) and firm/strong
- the shape of the icon is a combination of the shapes of the letter c and d in one (c = cultural, d = diversity), the icon shape is a swirl which stands for a medley of cultures, the roundness of the shape and colouring represents a terrestrial globe, the streak pointing upward represents the development, the shape represents painting/calligraphy/dance/performing/music/focus(photo), shapes are round and irregular to express approachability/friendlyness and cultural differences/international and (cultural)expressions in all kinds of shapes and form

Points from the brief and their (visual) expression:

- curiosity: through symbol-like and attention drawing shape (icon)
- dialogue: through attractive, neutral and approachable colours, and through the openess of the shape (icon)
- contribute sustainable development: overall shape (rising rectangle) is building/developping, the different colours of the icon combined/together make the shape of the icon, green and blue for sustainability
- with respect for people, environment & peace: through the shape and colours used
- polyphony of cultures: round/squary shapes of the icon, different colours, neutral shape so no preference, combining of shapes (icon)
- visible diversity to the public at large: different shapes and colours not too outspoken and meanwhile subtle in expression with relative neutral colouring (minimizing chance of wrong association)
- diversity of cultural Expressions: the icon itself is an expression, a streak
- representing performing arts, visual arts, arts and crafts: through the shape, symbol, colouring and dynamics of the icon (for film and photo more the whole rectangle and the icon as focus/shutter)
- cultural diversity is observed and practised: icon demands observing and expresses practision
- listening to one another: the icon curls back to itself, the whole logo (including text) is a frame containing the dialogue
- culture as contributor to truly sustainable development that respects people and environments, and serves the cause of dialogue and peace: making that point visually (the icon as point but open for further input)