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Human Way in Milky Way

by saida


In our galaxy, solar system, which contains different objects and types of planets represents diverse environment. Earth is the third-planet, full of colors and different components and elements and with an integration and harmony of these differences, it makes the earth the perfect place where the human can live (up to now!!).
Every time, Earth rotates around itself (its Axis). Human deals with the planet diverse nature and know and be aware of himself, others and his environment: they think, take an attitude, then they react and behave.
along with Earth rotation around the sun , year goes by, and human learns and tries to understand about others and their environment from their different experiences, so they form view about the different situations, after years, they hand it to next generations. This continuous state what creates Culture?
Human reside in separated groups on widespread earth, therefore, different cultures due to different places.
during Human experience on earth, human find out that diversity does not mean divided , fighting and terminations of cultures, it means accept and respect differences (in order to create peaceful atmosphere), the coexist and interact outcomes are completeness and competitiveness (to achieve and implement civilized progress ), integration and coherence (for harmony and happiness).
This equation to accord other cultures on the planet, it shapes humanity's view which makes humanitarian culture on earth, our galaxy and universe, is diversity.