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I-DIVERSE, A universal symbol on Cultural Diversity

Co-authors: Scully Beaver Lynch concept and direction, Albert Ibanyez graphic designer, Esteve Rodon Navarro Production design, Jordi Teixidó Audet video realisateur


Scully Beaver Lynch is an American Paris-based artist/designer and art director behind LUZZ LUZZ, a French Avant-garde project of art and design works for the public. With interests in architecture, modern culture, and contemporary society, Lynch works in the designing of highly engineered clothing and furniture, and embraces in performance arts. Based on his work in the interpretation of design, identity, and language alongside the question of sustainability in an evolving global world, Lynch writes his vision on cultural diversity creating the logo: I-Diverse.

The I-Diverse logo
As a collective body of diverse cultures, mindsets, and visionaries, I-Diverse is a forward-thinking manifest on cultural diversity that encompasses art, forms, and ways of thinking as vital elements in the enrichment of our diverse world.
The “I” is a universal symbol that reflects the individual as a unique force, and “Diverse” represents a collective body of individuals, mindsets, cultures, languages, and traditions uniting and shaping our global world.
The subtle lines, colours, and blending effects represent how diversity is a common and natural component of humanity and to the biosphere as of whole. We can also observe how the linear components and separations become ‘invisible’ over the discourse of the combined colours.
One of the main bases behind the logo is to reflect differences across humanity and the human being coming from the different cultural backgrounds and experiences; and expresses how such differences can be expressed and coupled together in many different ways to enhance our existing ideas, perspectives, and ways of life.
Despite our differences in culture, race, religion, or values, we as a people are capable of celebrating cultural diversity in the new millennium as a form of enhancement and progress of cultural systems, individuals, institutions, and nations. While assumptions, biases, and misconceptions on diversity can sometimes cloud our visions in the progress of humanity, I-Diverse is an affirmation of the individual humanity of all kind.
I-Diverse reflects diversity as a source of individual and collective enrichment and serves as a platform of reflection and thought in re-defining a universal approach to cultural diversity of modern times.
Included Material:
‘I-Diverse’ AD Campaign video (1min./49 sec.)
Intellectual Property: In the event I-Diverse is selected as the overall winning logo, LUZZ LUZZ, SL and it’s owner representative certifies that UNESCO acquires exclusive ownership rights including those rights of the adaptation of the logo.