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Culture Bloom

by boriana

Cultural diversity is what makes our world so vibrant, unique and progressive, it allows us to create, evolve and discover; combine knowledge and tradition, celebrate and be celebrated.

It is difficult to find one universal symbol to represent such a vast subject matter. We all carry our own cultural identity, which needs to be to sustained, nurtured and able to grow. The cultural heritage given to us by our ancestors is what makes us different from others, yet with our cultural traits we are able to cross bridges and communicate freely with others, exchange experiences andv broaden our world views.

Birds poses an amazing ability to cross huge distances and always return to their homes, which is why I chose a bird as the main graphic element for this logo design. Five birds represent the five continents with their diverse cultures and identities. The circular motion of the overall design and the reference to a flower is meant to convey the ability culture has to co-exhist and blossom, cross pollenate and adapt, influence and re-emerge.

The logo is designed to be positive and inspiring part of the festival image, that can be used across multiple mediums and formats.