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questions and answers

by Gergely Fabian

At the first contact with a different culture, you will always find yourself in front of an overwhelming mystery. You will realize that, on your journey to understand that culture, you have only a bunch of prejudice and distorted representations to start with. And as you immerse yourself deeper and deeper into that culture, you will discover, to your amazement, that an Italian is not always a lover. A German does not think only of engineering. A Japanese will not live to work. You will start to decipher that culture.

A festival of cultural diversity is mainly a challenge to ask questions and get answers. In short, ? & !

This is the way knowledge builds. ? & !

And knowledge leads to dialogue, collaboration, understanding.

The logo integrates this basic equation of discovery into an apparent hieroglyph. Only at a closer look, the logo will reveal itself as a synthesized form of information acquiring process. It will reveal the main challenge of the festival: come with ? & leave with !