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by Paloma Gonzalez
Co-authors: Alejandra Gonzalez

The design of the logo of the International Festival of Cultural Diversity invited to join in a celebration for people of different races and cultures that are not similar, and yet they complement and help each other. The different races coexist in the same time, in places as far away sometimes; others close, yet always different.
This happens too often in nature in a large number of different ways. In the beautiful trees that grow on our planet every day we can see that there are infinite number of shapes and colors, shapes that comes from the necessity of survival in the ambient, achieving it with beautiful structures and the essence of economy.
So the leaves of various species of trees are seeking to represent the five continents of the world and the diversity of cultures that compose them.
Each species has its particular form, with slits or less. Each element of its composition deserves attention for its uniqueness and because together with the rest of the special characteristics of the species, creates a unique, special and irreplaceable form of life.
It can be seen in how different species of vegetation coexists with trees and other species that it is possible to find ways, in which species differ, in which species complement.
The five leaves of the five different tree species arranged in a horizontal sequence express the equalitarian organization within the composition providing a complementary place to each of them. The colors reinforce that idea, each leave ahs a different color which is unique working together they complete an harmonic composition. This logo represents the idea of reunion of elements that differ from each other but work in solidarity in a common endeavor.