Competition Details


by Paloma Gonzalez
Co-authors: Alejandra Gonzalez

The four-leaf clovers have inspired the logo for the celebration of cultural diversity and the festival to honor it.
The clovers are plants that represents luck and fortune, they inspire joy, is always a big luck to be able to find a four-leaf clover, is a different moment and unexpected, unusual, the four-leaf clover stands separated in a meadow of clovers. These beautiful leaves reflect general characteristics of an exceptional situation. The four-leaf clovers carry us to believe in dreams and that there are unique and special moments, while many moments, spaces, special forms and life coexist in the same space and at the same time. The four-leaf clovers express the importance of the unique moments in our lives, moments, the unique thins that are parts of us and the unique parts of our cultures.
There are three four-leaf clovers assembled similar to the shape of a triangle looking for to simulate a movement with the interlock between the leaves making them look like the leaves are in the beginning of a rotary motion. The movement expresses the idea of a living body, life, something that is always changing and evolving, yet always remain essentially a stable source within the movement.
The blend of colors makes the logo an attractive image to the eye, a lighted an effervescent composition. The different colors are grouped together and complementing between each other, adding a vibrating visual glow logo.
On the other side in black and white logo it has been worked in the gray scale that represents the different grades, which can take the light and shade, each different from the other grade. Color or black and white logo will represent exactly the beginning of this celebration.