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An open hug

by Frank Li

When I first came upon the words "Culture Diversity", it strike me as a vast and unfamiliar movements in the world that needed to be explored and understood, but it was difficult for me to find a common language that speaks "Diverse" and "Culture” for everyone. So instead I ended up exploring what was needed to bring the theme "Culture Diversity" to work.

I felt that in order for this theme to be broadcast, it was necessary for us to open our mind and heart first, so that we may be ready to learn and understand what maybe unfamiliar to all of us. Hence the reason why I chose to create a metaphoric "open hug" as the identity for this festival, because I felt this was what the festival was about: to embrace and to understand each and every different cultures.

In terms of treatments, I really felt this festival something humane and therefore needed to be really organic and soft, so all the logos and type were drafted by hand, which further evolved into more illustrative and playful ideas that may be embraced into this "open hug" identity and stationery.