Competition Details

The Roots of Diversity

by Pawel Sebastian Gibas

My entry to the competition consists of an image of the globe growing out of a tree trunk. In the color version we also see the rising sun on the horizon behind the image. Each individual part has a specific meaning in the design, creating an overall composition of global unity.
The globe represents the entire humanity, that’s because we all share one Earth, where our race, creed or geographical location is not relevant given that our origin comes back to a single place – Mother Earth. The tree trunk and roots represent our interwoven history. Depending where you’re from; your heritage is most likely interconnected to other nation’s historical heritage and vice versa. We might look a little bit different on the outside, but we all have a common core, our humanity and our planet. The rising Sun in the color image represents the single source that makes life possible on this planet. It’s a source that doesn’t discriminate, a power that played equal importance in all our cultures throughout the planet and throughout our history.