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International Festival of Cultural Diversity Logo

by prop4g4nd4

This logo for the International Festival of Cultural Diversity features an abstract, geometric approach
of human faces, one successing another on a horizontal axis, shaping up a rectangular icon.
Each face has been designed to differ from its next one by dark and light filling on the respective areas,
having the eyes equally aligned to the overall icon.

Such even proportions, along to the contrasting fills of each facial shape, symbolize the all equal -
all different principle. This statement comes across even bolder on the colour version. It is a rough
reference on skin colours, representing different cultures and how they all come down to mutualism.
The extra fill on each face, shaped up by a conceivable horizontal axis, depicts how one culture is
affected from another, yet maintaining its indigenous characteristics.

The text part comes to complete the logo, centrally aligned either below or beside it.

This logo can hold up to a non-altered character in both French and English language versions, as text
occupies the exact same amount of space on both occasions, without significant differences.

A simple -yet meaningful- approach like that can be applied on any size or format, dark or light
surfaces, mainly due to its vector lined structure and colour-use flexibility.