Competition Details


by Serena Serena


The initial idea for the creation of a logo that concerned the cultural difference has not been simple in how much it foresaw a concept of oneness and multitude of the identities of the groups and the societies that constitute the humanity. Usually the understood concept of cultural difference as in negative meaning that should be excited and preserved. For this motive I have chosen to represent a logo that recalled these characteristics. The elements that mainly compose the logo are essentially five circles of equal largeness but of various color, to describe both the union of a group of equal but different individuals at the same time; and the spiral, that conceives of vortex that unites the five besides expressing positiveness from a sense of dynamism to the logo contemporarily suggesting a looks for. The number five are tied up to the five continents.
The cromies that I have chosen for the logo have the warm tonalities of the yellow of the ochre and of the blue of the earth. This choice serves to underline a tied up aspect to the nature, which has suffered numerous evolutions according to the cultural and philosophical systems within which the man has defined the existence and relationship with the world.