Competition Details

The Seed of Good Happens

by saladesign

The shape of my logo represents gathering and the happening. I designed the shape to look like a seed, because when new people gather together, it starts growing process. The process gives you something new; It can be, for examble, emotion or idea or some kind of experience. In this case, multicultural participants and different kind of events inside the festival are nutrients that will make The Seed to grow fast and to delivery something very unique and delicious. It´s The Seed of Good Happens.

Variabile strokes around the shape tells the diversity of cultures and multible action or choices around the happening. They also tells about safetyness but on the other hand they make happening to look dynamical. What can also beeing found from those strokes around is that when there is so many kind of people together, you can´t put them inside in one mold.

Pink is very strong and personal colour. It is also very liberal and energic. Pink colour gives sign of strong emotions. It´s a colour of friendship and liking. Gradient coloring is symbolising diversity.