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Unity of Diversity

by Suad Almarani

Diversity adds color and life to our lives.
We must embrace our diversity and even more we must protect it. We must unite to protect our cultures.
Unity does not mean having one culture, Unity is about uniting our dreams, hopes and aspirations. Unity can definitely occur while holding on to our different cultures. Who said unity means having one culture??
Our will to accept each other with our differences is what humanity and civilization is all about.
As Ghandi once said:
"Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty & test our civilization".
So, we must respect, honor, cherish and celebrate our diversity!!

The world is much more beautiful when it's colorful! Cultural Diversity is those colors.
Diversity is those beautiful colored flowers that captivate our eyes,
Diversity is those different sounds that produce fascinating music and songs,
Diversity makes everything more interesting and intriguing.
Without Diversity, our lives would be plain, boring and dull.
So, let's celebrate life and fun. Let's celebrate Cultural Diversity!!!