Competition Details


by yuccactus

The illustration depicts many different cultures, which are represented by many dots in a variety of sizes and colors, which coexist and are connected to other cultures on Earth.
I believe that culture comes from the human wisdom gained from living in harmony with Mother Nature, and the different environments and history bring the differences and the diversity of cultures.
There are so many countries, and so many differing customs, so I think it is important to have a humble attitude toward other cultures,because it is possible that we can discover a kindred connection with other cultures that we otherwise wouldn't recognize.
We should not reject another culture because it does not conform to our own.
Due to amazing technological advances, world cultures are becoming closer and closer.
The mass media today has the information highway for international news and happenings to be brought into everyone's living room. I think now is the time to understand cultural diversity and for differing cultures to strive together to resolve world problems.