Competition Details

The Weall

by Oscar Fuentevilla

This logo represents union, represents humanity and represents teamwork. The colours are symbolic of the different nations, different cultures and therefore different points of view. It is a hand because it is something that we all have and that help us to join all together and be all as one.
The figure is easily recognizable and easily printable too, both the symbol and the logotype have a very unique form so both can be used separately. The fact the in the hand every finger is a different object also makes it easy to print in medias such as screen print and many others.
The symbol is also very easy to remember because of its form of a hand in a very abstract way and very representative also.
It also gives the idea of a modern thing or movement because of the typeface and because of how the logotype is arranged. It can be very attractive mostly to the youth because of this.
It also gives the idea of movement with all its curves and its continuity along its lines and colours. The hand form also makes you think on humanity/planet and all those kinds of movements.
All kind of people would feel very identified with this logo because the humanity and modernity it eradicates. It can be very attractive for people involved in the ecological media and so as for people in the technological industry.
It is also a very friendly symbol because of the meaning of a hand. It is an open hand so it gives the feeling of acceptance and tolerance.