Competition Details

World Puzzle: Add your Own Piece

by Chrysalis 80
Co-authors: Katerina Theodosiou

The idea of a world vision as a puzzle of cultures came immediately to my mind as soon as i read the competition brief.
A world made by and consisting of a variety of diverse cultures. Not better or worse cultures. Just different from one another.

My work titled "World Puzzle: Add you Own Piece" shows my version for Celebrating Diversity.
The world seen as a puzzle made by different pieces-as you will see, no one piece is identical to the other- as no one culture is identical to another, although they might be similarities.
The puzzle pieces together, create a unity, not a uniformity. And without all the pieces the puzzle would not be complete.

The hand that adds the missing piece of the puzzle represents us, each individual.
By leaving the hand uncoloured, it could represent each one of us- regardless of skin colour, ethnicity, language, costume, habits, history, cultural heritage, e.t.c-adding our own culture to the puzzle.

The hand adding the piece could also take on another meaning. It could be a big question mark. How can each and one of us as an individual contribute to safeguarding and maintaining Cultural Diversity in a common world vision?

Katerina Theodosiou