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by simona stortone

“Culture” is a term that can express many different concepts and meanings. It refers of course to fine arts and humanities, describes an integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief and behavior inside the social environment. The word “Culture” recalls the shared attitudes, values, goals and practices that characterize and rule societies all over the world.
Like the term “identity”, culture expresses a concept that is tied to “recognition”, that is the idea of belonging somewhere [belonging to a certain place]. It has strengthened over the years laying its foundations on history, social features and memory. It hasn’t got one meaning only, it’s not just a shared concept within a certain territory. For this reason culture cannot be referred indistinctly to the whole world.
Between culture and world, “heterogeneity“ is he missing word that explains how they relate to eachother. On the other hand the term “diversity” is intended in a positive sense. It’s the key-word that conveys an idea of “richness” within the culture of each single society.
Cultural diversity is essential to support peace, development and social richness.

The logo I herewith propose for the International Festival of Cultural Diversity aims to express all the above mentioned concepts.
The main element is the fingerprint that represents the human being as the generator of culture, the creator of humanity. The fingerprint, as something unique and different from one man to another, represents one's own identity, one's own culture and for this reason the heterogeneity of the world.
The flower, as icon of peace and love, is the image, the logo. It is composed by 5 fingerprints, the petals, which have the conventional colours of the 5 continents of the word and depict the marvellous richness of human cultures: black for Africa, yellow for Asia, red for America, blue for Europe and green for Oceania.
Each petal (fingerprint) represents the uniqueness of each continent. The composition of those unique elements, the coexistence of different cultures in the world, builds our “cultural diversity”.