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IFCD Logo four- Colorful Alignments

by Hammam Yousef

Languages are the greatest means humanity has invented and developed to communicate thoughts, ideas, emotions and experiences! And when humanity discovered writing, it was as important of an event as the Big Bang!

Whole cultures could preserve its great heritage, richness and legacy in all its divers life-aspects, in addition to one very important extra; a chance for different cultures to have a look into each other, through reading the scripts.

Left to right, Up to bottom, right to left, justified or not; all are different ways in which the scripts where engraved on stones or imprinted on leather or papyrus. All were serving one purpose; information sharing and transportation.

Simple and right on target! Most of us use word processing software, and we know how different languages align differently, but in the end, all the texts may be talking about the same subject, from a different point of view, that’s the color significance!