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IFCD Logo two - Diversity Flower

by Hammam Yousef

A flower, its petals are of diverse colors!

Cultural Diversity
The “C” is in red… flip it on the vertical axes, and you get the yellow “D”

On the circumference of the flower… all of them can be Cs or Ds, it depends on how you want to see them mentally, in the end, both are the same, both are correct, and both are essential to complete the shape of the cultural-diversity-flower!

Why flower? Simple! No one can mistake it for other thing, we all know flowers, the beautiful celebration of spring, life and vitality.

The arrows play an important role in completing the flower shape, but also symbolize the collective need to preserve the flower form! And one other thing, the focus of the human will to cooperate and meet, in one point, the center that unites us with all our different colors, the center of cultural-diversity-flower!

Abstract, simple, expressive, the icon can be used separately, and the whole logo can be resized easily to suit different media. The black outline helps to place it on different color backgrounds.

The Variation:
What do you feel when you see it? THAT PETAL SHOULD BE BACK IN ITS PLACE! Yes, that is right… al the Cultures should take its place along with the others, because without them, simply, something is missing! Something is not complete!