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IFCD Logo one - Soul Waves

by Hammam Yousef

When thinking of cultural diversity, I see COLORS, SOUNDS AND SHAPES!

What is the thing we all use to convey our experiences to the other? The answer is: SOUND!

Music, singing, talking, these are the main ways we use to express “OURSELVES” in its unique colors and shapes.

This is why I used the shape of different sound waves as a metaphor for the diverse cultures on our planet.

With a focus point though, all of our rich and divers experiences help us meet in on POINT, we all, are members of the great human race.

The logo delivers all three: colors, sounds, and shapes. All are integral parts of the magnificent human symphony.

Abstract, simple, expressive, and designed to suite the long logotype “International Festival of Cultural Diversity”

The variation:
The addition to the main design is the shape of the square that focuses more on the central intersection point (the meeting point.)