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Carnival spectrum

by soumya ghosh

Carnival spectrum

We celebrate cultural diversity, through a festival where we unite and participate to express our individuality. Here we are talking about participation. It’s an involvement of individuals on a common platform to share and express diversity and individuality through events and performances. It’s a process highlighting “the essential polyphony of cultures faced with the risks posed by a uniform world vision.”

I have used the fingerprints as a metaphor to communicate an involvement. The theory behind the fingerprint emphasizes the uniqueness of diversity through participation. Every fingerprint on earth is unique, so is every single individual and culture. The fingerprints are arranged in a circular form to mark the presence of integrity. The corners of the fingerprints overlap, speaks about a common objective of learning, sharing and a belief of co existence.

Spectrum scientifically defines what we see and the way it appears to us visually. Each band of color has its unique characteristic features combining to give a unique result. I name the event as carnival spectrum for all the above reasons.