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by Andreas Boukas
Co-authors: Marios Karystios

One can find different meanings in the word “culture”. However everyone agrees that culture is consisted of some basic widely accepted characteristics. Humanity, Art, Values, Knowledge, Experience, Communication are some of them. We set the values, the goals, the practices, under different perspectives thus to create a group of individuals amongst others. The world has regions and regions have societies. Societies are tended to be specific, non-specific and representative. All so different with each other, lively, evolutionary, smaller and larger pieces of beautiful pattern spreading around a natural spherical piece of land and sea. Cultural diversity it is. Variety. A variety of tastes, visions, colors, dreams, words, sounds, laughs and feelings. This is what we live for and this is what we find essential and important for us to survive as humans on this planet. We have tried to interpret this essence of diversity in different cultures by mixing them. Colors symbolize cultures and as beautiful is a colorful abstract synthesis, same is the nature of cultural diversity.
Different cultures are different elements, objects, forms and shapes each with its significant and particular position gathering together to form a continuously changing living organism. We should share our experiences and bring those precious moments together to form a celebration.
So let us celebrate.
Celebrate the magic moment of cultural diversity.