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Celebrate diversity - International festival of cultural diversity

by Sara Fratoni

To make this logo I focused on the concept of cultural identity and I realized it's based on the people's cultural baggage that identify and differentiate it from the others exalting his oneness.
I started my research analyzing the concept of individual identity as a part of a multitude. Usually exalting a single will bring a negative meaning to the idea of diversity but the purpose of the logo is to give a positive message.

Because of this reasons I joined the idea of identity to a finger-print: the element that mark every one of us.
After that, I chose to differentiate every single trait with a bright and positive colour. In this manner the multicolored finger-print became a big woof that, with its matching colours, stand for the concepts of cultural identity and union of the individuals.
The finger-print is enclosed in a four-people silhouette that represents at the same time the concepts of human being and people.
For the title I chose a bright colour because I would like to get across and improve the positive meaning of cultural diversity.