Competition Details

Diverse world

by indalecio sabbioni
Co-authors: Liliana Marconi

Plurality of cultures is expressed across a variety of forms, colors and sizes. These figures resemble bright colors streamers, to show that the different cultures are celebrating, dancing, and expressing themselves with joy.

There is no a color that prevails on the rest. In addition to allowing infinite applications of the logo, this demonstrates the equality in the valuation of the different cultures. The grace is in the combination of the whole set. We also notice that there are no aggressive forms, but they coexist "accepting each other".
Although they are different, they all have the same essence. They complement, “meet”, “look”, and "talk" each other.

The world is the center; the starting point. But those who have the leading role are the diverse cultures that exceed it and help it grow, provoking that we do not perceive only one element, but a multiplicity of subjects with own identity.