Competition Details

Diversity Logo Version 2

by Angela Michanitzi
Co-authors: Veejaye Choolun

Diversity is the positive differences that create value. We live on a diverse planet where people inhabit diverse regions of our world. The acknowledgement and appreciation of diversity in culture is what makes our society rich.
My typographical submission is based on this concept. Each typeface has been designed based on my observations. All typefaces are different to each other but similar at the same time, a bit like people.  I experimented with many combinations of characters and positions of my fonts. The best composition is the one that have submitted. This combination of characters is well balanced, and works at a very small scale and in monochrome.
I experimented with different palettes of colour including primary palettes, pastels, and other colour ranges. My conclusion was to use a ‘natural’ palette to reflect the diversity of our world.
As a whole, my submission of work visually communicates the differences in appearance of each character and celebrates its’ unity as one equal and balanced form.
Thank you for this opportunity,
Angela Michanitzi