Competition Details

Celebrate Diversity-2009

by jaydev babariya


As per the guideline the key objective of the festival is to safeguard the essential polyphony of cultures faced with the risks posed by a uniform world vision – To meet this objective I have used symbol of Umbrella in my design. As an umbrella is the symbol of protection and safeguard.

The focus is on the performing arts (music and dance), visual arts (calligraphy, photography and films), and arts and crafts – To represent this focus I have used symbols of various arts like drums and Guitar for music, Microphone for singing, Video camera for videography, Still Camera for photography, Book for Writing, Brush, Canvas and Colour Mixer for Paintings, Masks for theatre, TV, Computer and Mobile for new emerging electronic culture and women & men for dancing

Colour scheme: Multi colour because to represent nature of festival and cultures

Font: I have used this Curlz MT font to show festival mood and vibrancy in logo.

Image type of the Symbol: All drawings in vector shame only so the application of logo can be distortion free.