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i am here, too - parrot

by Akin Bacioglu

This logo uses two graphic illusions for telling two stories about the cultural diversity and the festival.

story 1: the colorful stripes,actually illustrate a graphic chart which shows changing values and the colors represent different cultures . there are hands rising from these cultures and trying to reach higher in blue sky and saying " hey, I am here, too". maybe these same hands belong to people enjoying themselves with the music or different performances in this festival.

story 2: parrot is an one of the most attractive animals of the nature. beautiful colors and a special gift, "talking". For an organization which different cultures meet each other and talk about the future, parrot is a very proper symbol. In this logo, there is an illusion that hides a stylized parrot with colorful tail, a blue body part, a red-green beak and an eye watching over people.

Black / white and white / black versions of the logo also gives the complete message, maybe in a simplier way. they all can be used in different media.