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IFOCD Splash

by Dawn Thomas
Co-authors: Dawn C. Thomas

International Festival of Cultural Diversity Logo for UNESCO:

This logo was designed to visually illustrate the events, cultural diversity and unified vision of the festival in a modern yet artistic way. I chose to use a font called GE Expression for the abbreviation of the International Festival of Cultural Diversity because the curves and bends in the lettering seemed ideal for illustrating a festival based on the arts. When I selected this particular font it immediately reminded me of something that would reflect simplicity, style, movement and fun. I decided to connect the letters together to show a joint connection and uniformity of various cultures coming together. In order to visually express the events and individual arts that the IFOCD will focus on, I did the following: To represent the performing arts (music and dance) I added a treble clef (music note) above the letter “I” and a ballerina in the center of the letter “O”. The music note sits atop a blotch of splattered paint in order to represent the arts and crafts portion of the event. The ballerina was placed in the center of the letter “O” to appear as if she is the subject being focused on when looking through the lens of a camera(in meter mode) or film camera representing the visual arts(calligraphy,photography,film and arts and crafts). I chose to place the ballerina in the center of this particular letter because it appears as if she is floating while dancing. It’s almost as if she is on a mobile. Inside the letter “D” for one version of the logo I decided to include a calligraphy pen and in the other version of the logo I included a man carrying a giant calligraphy pen placed inside the letter “D”, once again representing the visual arts. The two lines included on the letters “D” and ”I” are there to add color and contrast to the overall look of the logo. Finally, in the rectangular box below the abbreviation IFOCD which says: International festival of Cultural Diversity, I chose a very simple Bell Gothic font. The letters in the word diversity actually reflect the word’s meaning by making each of the letters a different color.