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international festival of cultural diversity

by zernigah kiani
Co-authors: zernigah


Culture is a term given to the customs, ideas and social behaviour of a particular people or a group. Music and arts are a basic part of every culture. Though their styles vary from culture to culture but still they are a major part of every culture. Many cultures take music to be a food of thought. Music and arts are the prime source that reflects the cultural heritage and living pattern of a particular area.
This logo has been designed for the “ International festival of cultural diversity” organized by UNESCO. The colour scheme of the logo is in accordance with the colours, of the official logo of United Nations. The soul purpose of this event is to promote the performing arts, visual arts and arts and crafts of different cultures worldwide. So the logo consists of images that portray the meaning and purpose of the event. A large number of tools had been used to design this logo. The colours are in harmony with one another. Cooler shades are used to give the eyes a soothing effect. The images used for designing the logo, gives an insight of the event at first sight.
Guitar is a musical instrument, which is common in almost every culture so it has been used for showing the harmony in the musical instruments worldwide. The paint palette is used to signify the importance of artists and the role they play in promoting culture. In the same way camera, reel and a CD reflect on the other aspects of creative art.