Competition Details

F≠:Festival diversity

by Gabriele Falloppio
Co-authors: Rossella Grillo

The logo is composed by two symbols: the “f” that stands for “festival” and the mathematical sign of
diversity: ≠.
These marks have been chosen because they belong to the mathematical language and they keep the same meanings in any languages and cultures resulting easy to memorize.

The two signs can be considered a stylized representation of two dancers. The two figures allude to the plethora of arts, music and dance performances that constitute the artistic program of the festival.

This basal structure can be conjugated in different colors and coupled to the different characters that report the name of the manifestation.
“International festival of cultural diversity” is written with different styles that resemble the variety of cultures from the simplest and ethnic (green version) to the most complex and metropolitan (the red version).
Playing with these versions create a system that stimulate the curiosity: the people will recognize the sign of the logo but will pay more attention on the different color/characters utilized.