Competition Details

international festival of cultural diversity

by shumaila hussain


The logo represents the International festival of cultural diversity. Our logo should be designed for the representation of cultural diversity at international level. Our logo would be used on the festival’s programs, posters, brochures, stationary, collateral materials as well as video clips on the web. The key objective of our logo is to safeguard the essentials of cultures faced with the risk posed by a uniform world vision. The logo is specifically designed for the World Day for Cultural Diversity, the aim of this day is to engaging in dialogue and listening to one another, and so, to test out the practical possibilities of development offered by the cultural enterprises, creative industries, cultural tourism and the safeguarding of the cultural heritage.

In our logo the world design represents the international community of different countries and it also represents that all existing and independent countries take apart in that cultural festival. They all have a great chance to represent their own culture. The images of the persons that are beneath the world design represent the multi-culturalism of different countries.