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International Festival of Cultural Diversity (IFCD)

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Man is a social animal. It is his gregarious nature that compels him to interact. The ways where by which he lives and interacts form certain set of norms. These are encompassed by ethical values in a particular environment giving rise to origin of a culture in a society. These cultural values depicts the thinking and ideological approach of a community; which are passed on from one generation to another. This is a reason why each and every culture holds its individuality even in today’s world. Though we call it a global village but still the human idealism has not yet lost its diversity.
The logo that has been designed hopefully circumscribes the above facts. It is centred by a circle; depicted as earth surrounded by a black oval showing the aura of human conformity. The blue streaks originating behind the earth portray the illumination of human thoughts as the values are passed on. The latter is clearly signified by the footprints. Here the colour denotes the diversity held in different cultures comprising of different traditions. The footprints along the title show the merriment of existing cultures being rejoiced.
While designing the logo it was kept in mind that it should be clear. It must delineate the purpose of the organization for which it is being designed. Moreover; its recognition must be obvious that is it can be distinguish at a glance. The logo is attached with the report in the required sizes. Hopefully it will be up to the reasonable standard of acceptability.