Competition Details

Colour pattern

by come2lisa

Logo Description

This logo represents the cultural expressions emerging from all parts of the world, although locally different, together they form an extensive world-wide network.

It’s a vision of a world enriched by several cultural expressions, represented in pure bright colours. These local manifestations offer us different visions and interpretations of our cultural situation, enriching our concept of the place where we live, adding up to our common cultural patrimony.

Although different (some of them repeat in colour but not in form) they are all connected through an invisible organic network – their overall complex patter makes our world as we know it.

It‘s a symbol with a modern look, easy to recognise and interpret. The symphony of pantone colours makes it playful, yet elegant with its bright border and highly legible text.

It’s an intense and clean symbol made entirely of vector graphics - that may be reproduced in any size and adjusted to any media. The pantone colours made be used with the logo in a number of ways and its B & W version is very powerful, highlighting the symbols complex network.