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Shades of Unity

by D E

I’ve visited 17 countries in my 25 years on earth and every place has given me something unique that I will carry throughout my life. Sometimes its a lesson I’ve learned, sometimes a question I’m determined to answer, sometimes its a connection with someone that leads to a deeper understanding of the human condition, or sometimes its simply an appreciation of beauty. Some places are similar, but every from place emerges something distinctly different.

When I envision cultural diversity in the world, I don't think of a perfect spectrum of different entities, but rather an unorderly mix and mash of cultural influences blending together in places and starkly contrasting in others. These relationships are not always easily understood up close, but if you step back and see the whole, each element is closely connected and has its place in creating unity.

This symbol represents these sometimes erratic and sometimes similar shades of culture through the variety of changing and blending colors. The circular shape alludes to the world and the unity of humanity.

Used as a logo, this could be incredibly flexible. The logo could also be used with or without typography in a variety of ways. The color palette could be shifted for different purposes and could be animated as the colors slowly transform to represent the transitive and fluid nature of culture.