Competition Details

World Logo

by come2lisa

Short Description:

As indicated in the Brief the logo should represent cultural manifestations in general, without exemplifying or limit the symbol to a single artistic expression, or to a specific local culture.

This proposal suggests a symbol representing the world - giving birth to several cultural expressions - manifesting themselves as parallel worlds. These are resented as coloured satellites, surrounding mother earth. They have an obvious connection to the central world, represented as thick strings that has catapulted them out – but in the same time maintains them connected to their local origin.

The symbol represents cultural diversity as different parallel worlds, being local artistic interpretations of our common world. Although different and unique, represented by different strong colors, the satellite worlds are all nourished by the same central world.

Inspired by Juan Miro’s paintings and recent digital art it’s a powerful symbol, easy to recognize and reproduce. The pure Pantone colors gives the symbol a playful character, allowing these color variations to be used and repeated throughout different design elements in posters, brochures, websites etc.

The logo only contains vector graphics, meaning that its size can be changed without losing quality when reproduced in different media.