Competition Details

The Culture Circle

by sophia ng

The logo is constructed in clean, simple lines. The use of a circle signifies the key objective of the festival, which is acting like a shield to safeguard the essential polyphony of cultures. Positioning the circular logo at the bottom of the title represents a base/foundation of this event in raising more awareness for the diverse cultures of our world.

The dot merged into “I” of “international” actually emerges from the circular logo. This is to symbolize the emergence of individual cultures all over the world, and how pure and unique each culture is.

Color: Two main colors of malt gray and candy pink are used in the logo. The gray represents the solidarity and rich history that all cultures possess; while the pink symbolizes the new millennium, where creativity flourishes and vibrancy ensues.

Font: The Bisque font, which is selected for the logo, has elegantly curved and clean lines, bringing a modernistic feel to it. As for the curved lines, it complements the circular logo and also represents the all roundedness that this festival offers with performances from different cultures all over the world.

The “de la” is positioned with a slight slant to give the logo a funky, artsy edge to it. With its simple elegance and bold coloring, the logo can be flexibly adapted across physical and electronic mediums.