Competition Details


by neeraj sarna

Logo 1
It depicts the perfect orchestration of three acrobats, indicating various cultures, to perform one great act retaining their individuality & form. Collectively retaining the same spirit in total unison.

Logo 2

Showcases how a similar culture assumes different forms in different geographical locations and yet can mingle in perfect harmony to ensure total completeness.

Logo 3

It unveils the importance and uniqueness of every culture (as depicted by the feathers of the bird in different colours), in contributing to the formation of an ideal society (depicted by the bird) that’s inclined towards progress.

Logo 4

The logo visually depicts festivity & culture in complete grandeur, diversity & bloom. The dancing forms even exemplify the spirit of joy & cheer.

Logo 5

The logo symbolizes global harmony in the diversity of various cultures segregated by different geographical location. The streaks in three different colours indicate the variety of cultures having their roots all across the globe & the stars on them indicating their uniqueness. The birds in three different colours are symbolic of freedom of thought & expression in every form of art.

Note :

All primary colours are used in the designing of logos to signal vibrance, cultures & festivity at its striking best.