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Arts & Culture

Competition Brief

Create the official logo for UNESCO's International Festival of Cultural Diversity.


This competition calls for a logo that represents the International Festival of Cultural Diversity.

The logo would be used on the festival's programs, posters, brochures, stationery, collateral materials as well as in video clips and on the web.

This international festival, the only one of its kind, will be held for the first time in 2009 and will be repeated every year on the occasion of the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development celebrated on May 21.

The key objective of the festival is to safeguard the essential polyphony of cultures faced with the risks posed by a uniform world vision.

It will illustrate cultural diversity in a visible way and to the public at large through different events (arts and crafts exhibitions, music and dance performances, conferences and round table meetings) and through public-private partnerships.

The Festival is organized by UNESCO in association with national and international partners from both public and private Sectors. Its objectives and events are all in line with UNESCO's 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. It will demonstrate the role of artists, creators and private enterprise in the promotion of cultural diversity. The focus is on the performing arts (music and dance), visual arts (calligraphy, photography and films), and arts and crafts. Events will take place in Paris at UNESCO House and in various cultural venues as well as in the Member States of UNESCO in the five continents.

In his message on the occasion of World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development in May 2008, Mr Koïchiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO, said: "Cultural diversity is not decreed, it is observed and practised. The aim of this Day is thus to nurture the experience of this diversity in a spirit of curiosity, engaging in dialogue and listening to one another, and so, to test out the practical possibilities of development offered by cultural enterprises, creative industries, cultural tourism and the safeguarding of cultural heritage... We must now give greater recognition to culture as a contributor to truly sustainable development that respects people and environments, and serves the cause of dialogue and peace. In this way we shall be able to recover the sense of our joint commitment to promoting 'the intellectual and moral solidarity of mankind'."


Design the official logo for the International Festival of Cultural Diversity.

The Logo must be composed of 2 elements:

  • An icon representing the festival
  • The festival title in English or French – you can choose which of these two languages to show

English title: "International Festival of Cultural Diversity"
French title: "Festival international de la diversité culturelle"

Your entry should include both a black and white and a color version.

The logo should be able to fill about 2/3 of an A4 page, although it will of course often be reduced to a smaller size as the Festival’s logo. Although the online entry provisions do not allow for the full A4 dimensions, your entry must include at least one image showing the entire logo design scaled to the above proportions. (Note the “Entry Provisions” section outlined further down the page.)


Entrants must not incorporate any part of the UNESCO or United Nations logos or symbols in your design.

Entrants must keep in mind the international nature of the festival and avoid any reference to a particular country, region, culture or religion.

If you are entering more than one concept, do not include these different concepts in the same entry, but instead create separate entries for each concept.

Any person submitting a logo within the framework of the competition certifies and warrants that his/her proposal does not violate the rights of a third party or any copyright.

The logo that is selected for the International Festival of Cultural Diversity will be the exclusive property of UNESCO. UNESCO shall acquire exclusive ownership of the winning logo by cession of intellectual property rights including the right of adaptation of the logo. All entries must include a cession of rights, in the event the proposed design is selected as the Overall Winner.


Entries are limited to text, images and video/audio files only. Entries that direct users away from the DESIGN 21 website will be disqualified. See the "How To Enter" Rules for full details on file type, size and number constraints and recommendations.

  • Up to 400-word description (English only)
  • Up to six (6) images of maximum image size 550 x 550 pixels, jpeg only, resolution 72 dpi. At least one image must be uploaded
  • One (1) 480 x 320 pixel video file (optional) or one (1) sound file (optional)


May 19, 2009 (6pm UTC)

Dates may be subject to change, check for updates.

Judging Criteria


Judges will be basing their decisions on:

  • Whether the entry contains the required elements listed in the design brief.
  • How well the logo works as an official symbol of this international festival and communicates its message.
  • How well the logo would work visually across different media and formats in terms of legibility, size/area, graphic strength and simplicity.
  • The ease with which the logo can be manipulated, transposed and adapted for its various intended uses across print and electronic media and other applications such as physical display, reproduction in color, on small surfaces, etc.


A prize money pool of $5500 will be allocated as follows:

The Overall Winner will receive $3000.

As well, two Judges Picks (made by DESIGN 21 Advisory Board members) will receive $1000 each.

As usual, members of the DESIGN 21 community will vote for their favorites during our online voting period; the Most Popular will receive $500.


The individuals who will be picking the overall winner on behalf of UNESCO are:

Gérard Laizé (France) Executive Director of VIA

Ruben Alterio (Argentina) artist and illustrator

Judging for DESIGN 21 are advisory board members:

Jacques Lange (South Africa) Partner and creative director, Bluprint Design. Lange is Design Editor of DESIGN> magazine and has served as President (2007-2009) of ICOGRADA (International Council of Graphic Design Associations).

Laetitia Wolff (France) Founding director of futureflair, a creative consultancy on design, culture and design trends. She is consulting for Parsons, the New School for Design on strategic alliances and intellectual branding. Formerly the Editorial Director of Surface magazine and Graphis, she is the author of the monograph Massin (Phaidon Press) and the US correspondent for Etapes magazine.

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