LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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Languages Matter

by Bea Alfonso

In our world where nations continually strive to set an identity for itself, language has always been and will always be the prime catalyst in traversing all differences among individuals. The effective application of both mother tongue and international languages creates the necessary means for understanding across cultures—much like how pedestrian lanes enable individuals to move forward.

Each pedestrian lane bar of the poster design states “let us talk” in the top 10 mother languages spoken and used in the world. As representatives of mankind’s evolution and triumphs, they convey the spirit of man’s resilience in overcoming challenges and setting aside differences, notwithstanding linguistic and cultural barriers.

Multilinguism and linguistic diversity regulates the traffic of conflicts and empowers the harmonious flow of ideas, devoid of discrimination and prejudice. This crucial cog of man’s interest on different forays should always be nourished and cherished for continuity and progress.

Speak and cross over. Language matters.