LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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Languages Matter!

by andreasbrooks


What I was primarily looking to achieve was a striking image that encapsulated the essence of international unity. It is clear that through language, we gain a better understanding of cultures other than our own, and through this understanding we may one day achieve world peace.
The nucleus of the poster is two faces, in joyful conversation, made up of the world’s countries. The relevance of this was to describe the simple notion that whatever a person’s origin, we are all the same, and never more so than when we are talking with one another. This is a clear and definite message that can be grasped by anybody looking at the poster whether they are able to understand the text or not. This was the most important aspect for me to encapsulate, as this is a poster, not just for those who speak English or French, but for the world.
It was critical for me not to use colours that could be associated with any particular national flag or indeed any skin tone. However, I wanted to use a varied enough colour scheme to communicate global diversity as well as one that worked aesthetically.
Despite the constraints of the brief (having to include the primary text in only English and French), it was important for me to continue this message of multi-diversity throughout, by using the same colour scheme, thus relating the words to the image.
Finally, I took a cross-section of various world languages and their interpretations of the phrase, ‘May peace prevail on earth’, to make up the background of the poster. This was to further emphasise the message that through language we can gain a greater understanding of one another.