LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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Languages Matter

by Christophe Roger
Co-authors: Damian O'Hara

This poster is based upon the simple idea of a speech bubble.

The speech bubble is a universal symbol of speech and communication found in all cultures. We wanted the speech bubble to reflect the diversity of languages that UNESCO is trying to raise awareness of through "The International Mother Language Day". To convey this we have given each of the speech bubbles a face to try and reflect the people and cultures which are behind these languages, we wanted to hi-light the idea the heritage and history that is passed on through these languages, that would be lost if they disappeared, it's not just words which would be lost but complete histories, family stories and cultural traditions.

We know that language is an essential part of everyday life, we wanted the poster to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of language and to catch peoples interest and make them find out more and take part in"The International Mother Language Day".