LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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Languages are us

by armeen kapadia


Languages are us, and we are languages. They make us who we are, and have the power to unite and divide people. Language is a powerful and underestimated force. It is an intangible creation of man, and is one of the many things that make us human. Without users, there is no language. It is the hundreds, or maybe millions of people using a language that enable it to exist. We are the bricks that go into creating the amazing monuments of language.

Language not only unites us, but also connects us to our past, and will connect future generations to us. When a language dies, it cuts off entire future generations to their sense of identity, belonging and community, and is the first sign of the disintegration of a community. Language is our living heritage.

This poster is in single colour to facilitate ease of printing. The character can also be replaced by a character of any language from any part of the world so that people may identify with it.