LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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by garima thakur

Language is like our roots. It is our medium to extend from within ourselves to the world around us. It is a prolongation of our senses. Our world exists in communication; of which language is the basis of. It unites us as well as characterizes us. It exists at our very basic level. This is what my poster concept addresses. It shows how language is our root system and ties us into whole grown tree we call World. It also shows how much our language means to us and forms the basics of our culture and our being. It distinguishes us from each other, yet helps us develop a relation. Every language has its own significance and meaning to each culture and human being. My concept very well presents how we should preserve our language and not let our roots be cut down. Language has the ability to transform the world. Through its writing, its speech, its strength and power to communicate. It doesn't live only in our talk but in everything we do. Have you ever imagined a World without Language?It is really difficult, even impossible, to visualize, how it would be to live in a world like that. It reminds me of the movie 'Babel'. It is important to preserve our language. I am from India where every state has a language of its own ( 14 official regional languages), where northern states are distinguished with southern many times on the basis of its language. Language is a very important part of my being and my culture. I speak three languages myself. Language brings people closer and also gives us the freedom to bond. It provides us our very basic social system. It forms the system of the World. I feel its vital to preserve our languages. It is our very root system which makes us one big whole world. I understand all the talk about globalization and creating one world, crossing the boundaries, having one universal language. It is important to have a common communication system, but at the same time its only language that makes us unique and forms our own shields, creating a basis of our culture.It lets us create as well as break barriers. It keeps us close to our people, our very being, our country our culture.

Learn your language and Feel connected. happy international mother language day.