LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details

Unfocused & Oblivion Languages

by Ana Filipa Vila├ža Botelho

For the Unesco Poster Competition: "Languages Matter" I designed 2 proposals

The both posters were done just with typography to emphasize the importance of Language.
The impact and strength of the composition and structure of the poster was created to captivate the attention of people as an alert sign.
The several and successive colored translucent layers of the typo are a metaphor of the several languages (hidden or/and gradually forgotten) all over the world. The colors are also a representation of our continents.
The "unfocused" composition requires the viewer a second and more focused look of the poster and consequently a precious second and more focused look to this matter and some minutes of reflection.

At least, the outline type is a also representation of the languages gradually disappearing..the fragile and light silhouette of the typo is the metaphor of the gradually emptyness and extinction and of Language.