LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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Hugs and Kisses

by desfact

Speech balloons in different colors hug and kiss each other on the foreground of the poster and warm pink texts on background show incomprehensible words over and over again.

The speech balloons in many different colors represent myriads of different and beautiful languages in the world. The balloons hug and kiss each other because each balloon--in this case, each language--matters so much to each other. The balloons want to hug and share and kiss and understand. The background in warm pink texts writes “Languages matter” continuously in ornamental and incomprehensible dingbat fonts to represent the warmth, beauty, and, of course, the importance of different and unfamiliar languages coexisting with each other.

I want to convey with the poster not only the slogan for International Mother Language Day, “languages matter”, but also UNESCO’s belief and my understanding of its belief that languages in different colors, shapes, forms, and sizes share something very basic yet important in common, that is languages' power to let people communicate, share, understand, and, most importantly, harmonize with each other.