LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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A World Connected Colorfully

by Jasha Salas


The poster created intends to show the dynamism and cultural beauty that languages give to this world. In this artistic abstract drawing colored rings, representing languages, spin at different magnitudes and locations around the blue sphere of earth. The magnitude or size of the rings show schematically how some languages are spread all over the world while other languages circumvent only at a local level. For such representation some of the most spoken languages in the world were assigned to the colored rings. Note also that some rings were shown as tangled/laced with one another to show that languages overlap each other across our cultures. That means that one language/culture may adopt words from another language due to the words’ novelty, lack of translation or other reason. Lastly, the coloring of the rings intends to show that just as there are many colors there are many languages, and these languages beautify our world through their distinct sounds and rich intrinsic cultural characteristic that they carry along.