LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

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Let's start at Home!

by mridusmita nath


These hand drawn calligraphic strokes hold a lot of meanings in them. Firstly, they symbolize a mother and her child, secondly, they look the similar, which means the off-spring is always like the parents and it learns everything from the parent. They rather inherit every bit of his/her culture, tradition, heritage, history and everything related to their roots, their very being.
So, where does the gap in inheritance of using the mother language come from? Is it the impact of the globalization and the media super blowing it to unimaginably great dimensions? The lingual value of the mother language is rapidly going down. Or is the fear of getting lost in the global crowd? The longing of being accepted? What scares the parents to opt their mother language when it comes to the basic education of their child? They rather go for more alien languages, which are so alien for that child, which are more global.Are not they depriving their own child from being close to his own roots?

Here, I am not promoting any particular language but the concept of the importance and the urgency of keeping alive the mother language, because its our identity. An that it belongs to us and we belong to it. And we should be proud of it.

My poster tries to promote the idea dealing with this issue right at the grass root level, i.e, at home. The art work also symbolize the first ever encounter of a child with literacy. This is the stage, the first stepping stone to the stage when strokes become alphabets, and alphabets become words and it takes the form of a language.

People should feel proud to teach and promote their mother language and after that we can expect the holistic growth. The growth from within which starts from being 'Local' and goes 'Global'.