LANGUAGES MATTER! A UNESCO poster competition

Competition Details


by francalma nieddu


Bubbles of text that represent the different mother languages.
As in reality they overlap and float on a sea of "languages (that) matter" written in English and French, the languages used for the poster of the international day of the mother languages that will be hold by the Unesco.
The bubbles give also support to all information:
1 The slogan: Languages matter! / Les langues, ça compte!
2 The date: February 21, 2009 / 21 février 2009
3 The name of the celebration: International Mother Language Day / Journée internationale de la langue maternelle (in two different bubbles)
4 And the logo UNESCO supposed to enter in the small red one, before the white one with the date. (In this case it is empty because your brief said, not to use the logo inside the design.)
A simple graphic concept with icons to support the idea of a big diversity of even more mother languages as a base of this international day supported by the Unesco.